Gres Bond's Premium Quality Adhesives Grouts And Cleaners
Gres Bond's Premium Quality Adhesives Grouts And Cleaners

Gres Bond By Kajaria Tile Adhesives, Grouts and Tile Cleaners

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Fast and Economical

GRES BOND Premium Tile adhesive can be easily applied over large areas with a notched trowel. Then the tiles can be adjusted gently after laying to produce a uniform adhesive bed.


Easy to work with

GRES BOND High-quality tile adhesives for wall application have good non- slump properties. The freshly laid tiles therefore do not slip on the wall. It is thus possible to lay the tiles from top to bottom without using spacers. This makes it easier to produce a uniform pattern.


Excellent Results

GRES BOND advanced premium adhesives are so easy to mix and install that good results are consistently achieved. Irrespective of the tile material or the substrate, the tile adhesive can be custom-mixed for the particular tile type and substrate.

  • Stain & Seepage IconsResistant to Stains and Seepage
  • Water Resistant Icon ImageWater Resistant
  • Ready To Use 24 Hours Icon ImageSaves Time Surface ready to use within 24 hours
  • High Bond Strength Icon ImageHigh Bond Strength
  • No Hollowness Icon ImageNo Hollowness between Tile and Substrate
  • Can be used directly on any surface Icon ImageCan be used directly on any surface*
  • White Adhesive Icon ImageWhite Adhesive specially for light base tile
Tile Fixing Solution By Gres Bond
Tile Cleaning solutions
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Recent innovative tile solutions with The best performance

The largest manufacturer of ceramic and vitrified tiles in India. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, we at Kajaria strive to deliver quality products and services to our customers. Our team of experts work around the clock to ensure that the quality of our product is never compromised.

When tiles are fixed to any surface, most vulnerable point is always the bond between the tile and substrate. We eliminate this weakness by significantly improving the bonding strength of the adhesive to both the tile and substrate.

GRES BOND by Kajaria offers you wide range of tile adhesives & grouts for fixing of various categories of tile for faster laying & long lasting applications.

Our GRES BOND Basket consist of :

  • Premium Adhesives
  • Premium Epoxy Grout
  • Premium Unsanded Grout
  • Premium Grout Admix
  • Premium Tile Cleaner
Premium Tile Fixing Solutions With
Gresbond By Kajaria
Are you looking for the best tile-fixing experts for your tiling projects? You're in the right place.
Gresbond is a product from India's No.1 Tile Company, Kajaria, which provides a premium range of tile and stone fixing solutions in adhesives, grouts, and tile cleaners. With a team of 1000+ experts, Gresbond manufactures technologically advanced tile fixing products that meet global market criteria and boast a vast dealer network. Whether professional architects or end-users, Gresbond caters to the current demand for residential and commercial tiling and stone fixing needs.
Discover the pinnacle of excellence in tile and stone fixing solutions with Gresbond by Kajaria, a name that instills confidence with its reliability, innovation, and quality craftsmanship. Gresbond by Kajaria is considered one of India's top tile adhesives and grout brands, a testament to its competitive price and top-notch product qualities. It requires no recognition as it is from the house of Kajaria, a brand known for its unwavering commitment to quality and deliverables in India and globally.

Why Choose Gresbond?

  1. Premium Quality: Gresbond products are developed by Kajaria, India's No.1 tile company, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.
  2. Advanced Technology: Uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture adhesives, grouts, and tile cleaners that meet global standards.
  3. Versatility: It is suitable for various tile types and substrates, making it ideal for residential and commercial projects.
  4. High Bond Strength: Significantly improves the bond between tiles and substrates, preventing issues like hollowness.
  5. Ease of Use: Products are easy to mix, apply, and adjust, ensuring consistent and excellent results.
  6. Expert Support: A team of over 1000 experts ensures product quality and provides support.
  7. Time-Saving: Surfaces are ready to use within 24 hours, speeding up project completion.
  8. Comprehensive Range: Offers a wide range of adhesives, grouts, and cleaners to cater to diverse tiling needs.
Frequently Asked Questions
Being from the house of Kajaria (India's No. Tile Company), Gresbond offers a premium range of tile and stone fixing solutions - Tile Adhesives, Grouts, and Cleaners. All the products are tried, tested, and professionally designed to meet the diverse needs of both residential and commercial tiling projects.
We offer a comprehensive range of tile adhesives and grouts that ensure a long-lasting bond and aesthetic beauty. Regarding tile adhesives, we manufacture high-quality white and grey adhesives for ceramic, vitrified, and outdoor tiles. These adhesives are also well-suited for stone, marble, and granite. We have 12 vibrant shades of epoxy Grouts for interior and exterior tiling needs.
Each product undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to meet and exceed industry standards. From the Kajaria house, Gresbond always strives for excellence, quality, and commitment to delivering top-notch solutions. We have a vast team of research experts to improve the product's overall quality.
Gresbond offers comprehensive solutions for walls, floors, and roofs for residential and commercial tiling projects. Whether you're renovating your home or working on a large-scale commercial development, Gresbond products, including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass, and mosaic tiles, are designed to meet your tiling needs.
Consider factors like the type of tiles, substrate, location (indoor/outdoor), and specific project requirements. Gresbond's product descriptions provide detailed guidance.VX1 and VX2 are specially designed for vitrified tiles, while the CX range of tile adhesives is for ceramic tiles. EX-5 is specially manufactured for Outdoor tiling projects. Likewise, KE 100 grouts are for regular tiling projects, while KE 100 Duet can be used for commercial projects. Follow our detailed guide to check the right products for your tiling projects.
Gresbond products are available through a vast dealer network across India. Visit our dealer locator page for more information.
Gresbond offers a variety of adhesives tailored for different surfaces, including waterproof floor tile adhesives and specialized wall tile fixing chemicals.
Gresbond adhesives are designed for fresh installations and tile-on-tile projects, ensuring a solid bond and durability.
Absolutely. Gresbond's advanced technology meets the demands of both residential and commercial projects, offering reliability and superior performance.
Gresbond adhesives are typically set within 24 hours, allowing for a quick and efficient tiling process.
All Gresbond products are developed to meet and exceed Indian and international technical standards.
Gresbond combines Kajaria's unrivaled expertise in tiles with cutting-edge technology, ensuring high bond strength, ease of use, and versatility for various tiling needs.
Premium Tile Adhesives, Grout & Cleaners
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