VX1- Tile Adhesive for Wall Tiles

VX-1 for All Kind of Floor Tiles

High Performance Premium Tile Adhesive for All Kind of Floor & Bathroom Wall Tiles

VX-1 Tile Adhesive for all kinds of tiles
Product Description:

VX-1 is a high-performance, polymer-modified, grey cement-based adhesive specifically designed for fixing low-porosity tiles (vitrified, semi-vitrified) and natural stones on interior and exterior floors, walls-interiors, and even swimming pools. It offers exceptional bond strength, water resistance, and ease of use. The adhesive is water-resistant and is suitable for use in showers, wet areas and swimming pools. Also, ideal for renovation (tile-over-tile) for quick & easy installation works. Its exceptional bond strength, flexibility, water resistance, and versatility make it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Confirms to IS 15477: 2019 Type 2T “Adhesives for use with Ceramic, Mosaic and Stone Tiles
Note: Not recommended for direct use onto gypsum plaster (wall finishes), paint or metal. Not suitable for external wall installations, Not suitable for tiles and stones with mesh backing

Key Features & Benefits
Suitable Substrat

Method of Application

  • Stain & Seepage IconsRemove all Dust, Water, Oil & Sealers from Surface/ Substrate.
  • Stain & Seepage IconsAdd 5 to 6 * Itrs water/Admix in to empty bucket.
  • Stain & Seepage IconsAdd 20 Kg VX1 Thin Set Adhesive in to water and mix it till attains Uniform Paste.
  • Stain & Seepage IconsSlake the Material for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Stain & Seepage IconsAgain Mix the material then take the material on notch trowel.
  • Stain & Seepage IconsUse flat side of the trowel and spread the adhesive uniformly
  • Stain & Seepage IconsComb the adhesive with the help of Notch trowel.
  • Stain & Seepage IconsSpread the material backside of the tile also (If tile size is More than 12"X12").
  • Stain & Seepage Icons Press the tiles firmly into position by Twisting Action.
  • Stain & Seepage IconsPress the tile gently with help of Wooden Hammer to make uniform tile surface.
  • Stain & Seepage Icons Clean the Tile surface with wet Cloth.
  • Stain & Seepage IconsFor Foot Traffic wait up to 24 Hrs.
  • Stain & Seepage IconsAfter 24 Hrs you can do the grouting.

Technical Data (Type-2)

Density 1.7 kg / litre approx.
Pot Life 3-4 hrs approx.
Open Time 23 minutes Approx.
Adjustability 22 minutes Approx.
Setting Time Approx. 1 Day
Full Strength Approx. 14 Days
Tensile Strength >1.30 N/mm²
Shear Strength >1.25 N/mm²

IS Data

Property : Test method Requirement Typical Values
Tensile Adhesion
Dry Condition –
Annex A (Clause 5.1)
1.00 N/mm²
1.15-1.25 N/mm²
Wet Conditions –
Annex A (Clause 5.1)
1.00 N/mm²
1.15-1.25 N/mm²
Shear Adhesion
Dry Condition –
Annex B (Clause 5.2)
1.00 N/mm²
1.10-1.20 N/mm²
Heat Ageing -
Annex B (Clause 5.2)
1.00 N/mm²
1.05-1.15 N/mm²
Wet Conditions -
Annex B (Clause 5.2)
1.00 N/mm²
1.10-1.20 N/mm²
Slip Resistance
Slip resistance -
Annex E (Clause 5.5)
≤ 0.5 mm 0.35 mm

Disclaimer: This technical data sheet is provided for informational purposes only. The information is based on our technical knowledge and experience. Due to variations in field conditions, we recommend conducting preliminary tests to ensure product suitability for your specific application.




Installation Instructions:

Surface Preparation:



Precautions & Limitations

Additional Notes

By following the instructions in this data sheet and considering these additional tips, you can achieve a professional and long-lasting tile installation using VX-1 Type 2 T Tile Adhesive.


Frequently Asked Questions
This is used to fix tiles on walls and floors, including ceramic, vitrified, and large wall tiles, for residential and commercial purposes. Its VX-1 name stands due to its compatibility with vitrified tiles with zero porosity.
Yes, it is suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms. It provides a solid and durable bond and prevents seepage and leakage.
Apply a VX1 Tile Adhesive paste layer with a notched trowel to ensure even thickness and proper coverage for gluing wall tiles. Apply a coating on the substrate and large-format wall tiles to provide a long-lasting finish.
It is made of polymer-modified grey cement and offers premium quality, strong adhesion, and durability, making it the best choice for laying floor tiles.
It is formulated for heavy-duty applications for fixing vitrified and large-size tiles. It also works effectively for tile-on-tile applications, ensuring strong bonding and adhesion. With waterproofing quality, it is based on fixing large-format tiles on dull, old-fashioned tiles.
Typically, the thickness is between 3-10 mm, depending on the type of tile and substrate. Only a professional may apply the right thickness after checking the substrate quality and tiles used.
VX1 Tile Adhesive is made of modified polymer-based cement, offering superior bonding strength, flexibility, and ease of use compared to traditional cement glue, making it a premium choice. Traditional cement paste is hard to mix and takes too much time to apply.
It is available at leading hardware stores and authorized Gresbind by Kajaria dealers in India. Visit the website, select the Where to Buy section, select your nearby location, and locate the nearby Gresbond dealer to purchase VX-1 Tile Adhesive. You may also Google to explore the nearby Gresbond Dealers in your area.
The coverage area of VX1 Tile Adhesive per kg varies based on application thickness and tile size but typically covers approximately 4-5 square meters per 20 kg bag.
Yes, it is designed with premium-quality chemical and polymer-modified cement to provide strong adhesion and support for securely fixing large wall tiles.
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