KE100- Stainfree Epoxy Based Grout Filling For Floors & Walls Tiles

KE-100 Premium Epoxy Grout


KE-100 epoxy grout
Product Description

Gresbond KE-100 is a stain-free Epoxy grout for floors & Walls. It is a colorfast, water & chemical resistant & 100 % solid epoxy grout suitable for Ceramic tiles, Vitrified tiles, marbles and stones, especially in stain prone areas such as kitchens and washrooms (residential & commercial installations). It is non shrinking, fast curing efflorescence free grout. It is ideal for installation where high strength mildew joints are required. It can be steam cleaned and is ideal for green buildings. Available in 1Kg and 5kg pack.

Other Details

Pack Size:

1kg 5kg
Resin 0.2 Kg. 1kg.
Hardner 0.08 Kg. 0.4 kg.
Coated 0.720 Kg. 3.6 kg.

Shelf Life: 1 year in dry unopened bucket.


Residences, Kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, fountains, hospitals, restaurants, showroom, industrial areas & high traffic areas .

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Frequently Asked Questions
KE-100 is a premium epoxy-based resin grout designed for tile installations. It offers superior durability, chemical resistance, and a smooth finish for narrow and high-strength grout joints.
It provides exceptional bonding strength, chemical resistance, long-lasting durability, easy application, and stain and chemical resistance, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial tile installations. It is available in 20 color options to match your designer tile requirements.
KE-100 is versatile and suitable for floor and wall tiles, providing a robust and reliable bond in all applications. It is ideal for ceramic & vitrified tiles, marble, and stones. Whether residential or commercial, kitchen or bathroom, living room or bedroom, Its non shrinking feature makes it durable.
KE-100 can be purchased through authorized dealers nearby. Visit our "Where to Buy" section, select your location, and contact the nearby dealers in your town. It is available in 1KG and 5KG packs.
KE-100 comes in a variety of 20 epoxy colors to match or contrast with your tiles, providing flexibility in design and aesthetic appeal. The colors available are Crema, Aqua, Champagne, Alpine Blue, Ivory, Rose, Autumn Yellow, Bottle Green, Granilia Grey, Marble Beige, Steel Grey, Almondo, Fiero, Cobalt Blue, Brown, Chocolate, Copper Brown, Black, Blanco Nieve, Turquoise Blue.
KE-100 offers superior durability, stain, and chemical resistance, making it ideal for areas exposed to high traffic, moisture, and harsh cleaning agents. It is easy to apply and suitable for all regular tiling uses while keeping the pocket-friendly feature in mind. Preferring KE 100 as epoxy grout will always be beneficial compared to traditional cement-based grout.
KE 100 is made of an epoxy resin with adequate benefits like water resistance, strain-free, chemical and bacterial resistance, ease of application and cleaning, resistance to discoloration, ease of maintenance, and excellent bonding strength. It works as a tile joint filler and enhances the look of walls and floors due to the availability of vibrant colors. Using KE 100 provides a smooth, durable, and aesthetically pleasing finish to the tiling projects.
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