EA100 Epoxy Based Liquid Adhesive For Tiles & Stones

EA-100 Adhesive For Tiles & Stones


EA-100 Premium tile adhesive
Product Description

GRESBOND EA-100 is a two-component, ready-to-mix polyurethane thin-set adhesive designed for fixing various tile and stone sizes. It excels at adhering all types of tiles and stones to different substrate, including metal and glass surfaces.


Designed especially for interior and exterior floor and wall installations of all types of ceramic tile, vitreous, semi-vitreous tile, glass mosaic tiles, precast terrazzo, engineered stone, metal tiles and natural stones over concrete and on a variety of substrates including metal substrates and drywall boards.

Features Product Classification

GRESBOND EA-100 is classified as R2T according to ISO 13007 and IS 15477:2019 type 5 adhesive, indicating it's an improved reaction resin adhesive with slip resistance.

Application Substrates

**Consult the Plywood manufacturer's data sheet for the specific recommendations and load bearing capacity of specific board intended for use.

Application Areas
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Performance Properties: EA-100

Applicable Standards: ISO 13007; IS 15477: 2019

IS 15477:2019 Data

Test / Reference Requirement Typical Values
Vertical Slip –
Clause 5.5
≤0.5mm 0.2- 0.25mm
Tensile Adhesion –
Dry condition – Clause 5.1
≥2.0 N/mm2 2.4- 2.8 N/mm2
Shear Adhesion Strength- Dry
condition: Clause 5.2
≥6.0 N/mm2 6.5- 7.5 N/mm2
Shear Adhesion Strength: Heat
Ageing condition: Clause 5.2
≥3.0 N/mm2 3.2- 3.4 N/mm2

Specifications subject to change without notification. Results shown are typical but reflect test procedures used. Actual field performance will depend on installation methods and siteconditions.


Surface Preparation:

In case of oil stains:


Do not:


Conduct a small-scale application evaluation on pure white or highly porous stones before large-scale usage.

Installing the Tile

Notes to Specifier and Installer


Ready to Use


Technical Parameters

Working Properties at 70° F (21° C)

Property Value
Resin Paste form
Hardener Paste form
Chemistry PU blend with epoxy reaction resin adhesive
Substrate Cementitious, RCC, Plywood, Tile on tile, Drywall, Metal, PVC, Rubber, Epoxy
Waterproof PU waterproofed surface
Tiles Ceramic, Vitrified, Glass mosaic, Impregnated stone, Engineered stone, Natural stone, Glass tile, Mirror & PU coated glass
Pot life More than 45 minutes
Open time More than 45 minutes
Adjustability time More than 45 minutes
Shelf life 12 months
Mixing Ratio 1:1 by weight (Component A + Component B)
Product Classification R2T


Store in a cool and dry place.


The user should determine the usability of the product for its intended use. Our products are manufactured under Kajaria quality standards and subjected to strict quality control procedures. However, since the company has no control over site conditions and installation procedures, the company will not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss, damage, or liability from incorrect usage.

Frequently Asked Questions
EA 100 is a dual component-based epoxy tile adhesive available in liquid form. It is specially designed to match universal tile and stone installation requirements. It offers superior adhesion for ceramic, vinyl, porcelain, and stone tiles in both indoor and outdoor applications.
EA 100 is easy to apply. Spread the liquid adhesive evenly on the substrate using a notched trowel, then press the tiles firmly into place to ensure proper bonding. No Mixing or settling is required. Simply use the 3MM thickness while applying it to various residential and commercial areas as per the guidelines.
Yes, EA 100 is highly effective for Stone & marble installations, providing a solid and durable bond that ensures the stability and longevity of the tiled surface.
This is the only adhesive available in liquid format and can be applied directly to the substrates. It is available in various sizes, i.e., 1kg, 5kg, and 10 kg, making it easy to select the bucket according to usage. Its features, such as High Strength, Chemical resistance, Bond with various substrates, stain-free product, Thermal shock resistance, Fast bonding formula, high flexibility, and Ease of use, distinguish it from other tile adhesives.
It can be applied to various substrates, such as Concrete, bricks, metal surfaces, natural wood and plywood, Cement Backer Board, Epoxy or PU resin-based substrates, Gypsum fiber board, Stone, and marbles. Its moisture-resistant quality makes it ideal for spas, pools, large-format tiles, wall cladding, terraces, kitchens, balconies, and various industrial and commercial applications.
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