PERFECT SOLUTION FOR TILE FIXING EASY LAYING OF TRENDING LARGE TILES/ STONES Cement-based tile adhesives adhere very well to porous substrates such as bricks, plasters, earthenware tiles and stoneware tiles. These structures are good anchors for the calcium silicate hydrate needles that form when cement hardens. In contrast, modern porcelain stoneware tiles have extremely smooth surfaces. Tile adhesives for the tiles must be highly modified to attain the necessary tensile adhesion strength coupled with high flexibility. Tiles require high-quality grouts. Good adhesion at the tile edges, good abrasion resistance and limited water uptake coupled with good water-vapour permeability. High quality grouts play important role in the laying of the tiles: like flexible tile adhesives, thy compensate for any stresses that may arise. The trend toward large-format tiles is continuing. These tiles create a spacious and luxurious environment. At the same time, they are easier to clean. However, technical challenges also increase as the tiles get larger. Successful laying of large tiles depends on a variety of factors- improving the adhesion and increasing the flexibility of the adhesives with polymer powders plays a key role. 07