Caution: Please note that this is an acidic based cleaner and hence care should be taken while using the same. Please wear hand gloves, nose cover and wear eye protection before and while using the product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN TC1 TILE CLEANER Product Description: Features GRESBOND Tile Cleaner TC1 is a fast acting acid based cleaner for regular cleaning of dirt and stains on tile surface, designed for daily maintenance of tiles. New Improved formula. For all type of tile surface. Removes tough stains. Use directly or add water. Ideal for interior & exterior. Pack Size: 750ml (Carton of 14 Bottles 10500 ml.) Shelf Life: 1 year Applications: For interior & exterior application Dilute to the correct ratios as required. Use 1 part of cleaner to 4 parts clean water Heavily soiled areas may require an undiluted solution to be applied Always test initially on a small areas Liberally apply the solution to the floor area to be cleaned. Leave in contact with area for approx. 4-5 minutes Using a brush or a scrub pad thoroughly scrub the area treated with the solution. 33