Comparison between Traditional Cement Sand Mortar, Non branded Tile adhesive vs. GRESBOND Tile Adhesive *not suitable for surfaces subject to vibration like plywood, metal, glass, gypsum boards, fibre cement slabs & smooth pre-fabricated concrete. Type 3 TYPE-2/WHITE COLOUR Traditional cement Sand Mortar /non branded tile adhesive GRESBOND Premium Tile Adhesive Slow Fixing Curing Required Poor Workability Typical Application Short Open Time And Adjustability Poor Water Retention Very Low Bond Strength Hollowness Problem Required Bed Thickness 20-30 Mm Add More Weight and Thickness Not Water Resistant Chipping Required Stains, Seepage, & Discolouration Is Possible. Faster Fixing Curing Not Required Good Workability Easy to Apply Adequate Open Time and Adjustability Good Water Retention High Bond Strength No Hollowness Between Tile and Substrate 3-6mm Thickness Adequate Mostly Reduced Weight & Thickness of Structure Water Resistant Can be Use Directly on Any Surface Resistant to Stains, Seepage & Discolouration 22