CX-2 White Add more brightness to floors Pack Size: 20Kg. Color: White Shelf Life: 1 year in dry unopened bags. Coverage (in sq. mtr.)* 4-5 Sq. mtr. / 20 Kg bag at 3 mm thickness. Applications: For fixing all kind of ceramic floor tile. specially recommended for light base ceramic floor tile to give them more brightness & shine. Advantages: Ready to use. Needs only mixing with water. Flexible, shock and Impact resistant. Fast and economical. Highly effective for light base ceramic floor tiles. Protect light base ceramic tile from discoloration. Substrates: Concrete Floor Cement sand screed Cement Mortar Beds Plaster Brick Masonry WHITE COLOR PREMIUM TILE ADHESIVE FOR CERAMIC FLOOR TILES Product Description: CX2 White is white cement based polymer modified quick set tile adhesive. It gives excellent bond on cementitious surfaces like concrete and plaster. CX2 White Adhesive forms a waterproof barrier between two surfaces and has an excellent 'grab' properties. Highly recommended for light base Ceramic floor tiles. *Coverage may vary according to evenness/level of floor 14 Type 1