VX-1 Pack Size: 20Kg. Color: Grey Shelf Life: 1 year in dry unopened bags. Coverage (in sq. mtr.)* 4-5 Sq. mtr. / 20 Kg bag at 3 mm thickness. Applications: For vitrified & ceramic tiles and large format tiles on floor surfaces. Advantages: Ready to use. Needs only mixing with water. Also suitable for Marbles and tile on tile application. Can also we use for internal wall tile. Saves time as floors are ready to be used after 24 hours. Excellent adhesion & low shrinkage. Substrates: Concrete Wall & Floor, Cement sand screed, Cement Mortar Beds, Plaster, Brick Masonry Renovation works on existing: Unglazed Tiles Glazed Tiles, Mosaic Tiles* Vitrified & Ceramic Tiles *Coverage may vary according to evenness/level of Floor/Wall *Surface should be roughened and proper cleaned before fixing the tiles. HIGH PERFORMANCE PREMIUM TILE ADHESIVE FOR ALL KIND OF FLOOR & BATHROOM WALL TILES Product Description: VX1 is polymer modified grey cement based premium tile adhesive specially designed for heavy duty applicants for fixing vitrified tiles & large size tiles on floor surfaces. This highly flexible adhesive also has an excellent waterproofing ability. When properly applied, it takes care of hollowness problem. 12