Fast and Economical GRERBOND Premium Tile adhesive can be easily applied over large areas with a notched trowel. Then the tiles can be adjusted gently after laying to produce a uniform adhesive bed. Easy to work with GRESBOND High-quality tile adhesives for wall application have good non- slump properties. The freshly laid tiles therefore do not slip on the wall. It is thus possible to lay the tiles from top to bottom without using spacers. This makes it easier to produce a uniform pattern. Excellent Results GRESBOND advanced premium adhesives are so easy to mix and install that good results are consistently achieved. Irrespective of the tile material or the substrate, the tile adhesive can be custom-mixed for the particular tile type and substrate. Perfect Finish *not suitable for surfaces subject to vibration like plywood, metal, glass, gypsum boards, fibre cement slabs & smooth pre-fabricated concrete. High Bond Strength No Hollowness between Tile and Substrate Can be used directly on any surface* Resistant to Stains and Seepage Water Resistant Saves Time Surface ready to use within 24 hours White Adhesive specially for light base tile 09